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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Cornell Library, Ithaca, NY, Finch, White, Searles, Barney, Gray, White, Williams, Lord, Finch, Hitchcock, SelkregTompkins County 1866 NY 1866
Cummings, Church, Finch, Waite, Wood, Hayes, Meier, Shining, Widdel, Schutte, Busey, Homer, SchmittBlack Hawk County 1910 IA 1910
Day, Bertling, Mashak, Shutter, Tucker, Finch, Thill, Roof, Whitehead, Bullen, Westby, WagnerMonroe County 1994 WI 1994
Finch and Company, Irving Finch, H. B. RockwellScranton 1877 PA 1877
Finch, France, Renfrew, Walker, Waidley, Peckham, Major, David, Cofield, Tanner, Stech, VarnumWoods County 1906 OK 1906
Finch, Reynolds, Huntley, Sumner, Amerman, TriffitMedina County 1874 OH 1874
Holson, Coenen, Ree, Finch, Williams, Rae, McCoy, Jones, Vinney, Anderson, Laudon, Hoefner, CrawfordMonroe County 1994 WI 1994
Johnson, Hackbart, Gordon, Greenlund, Finch, Charlson, Voss, BraunWorth County 2000 IA 2000
Kleven, Helm, Finch, Field, Pease, Anderson, Smith, Bates, Bingham, O'Connor, McConick, Atchey, BloomfieldAdams County 1919 WI 1919
McMurray, Dinsmore, Finch, Newton, Timm, Wood, Denham, Campbell, Stoner, Way, Bell, BlattnerCass County 1900 IA 1900
Washington_s Headquarters, Newburgh, John Flanagan, Eager, Lawrence, J.L. Finch, D.F. Welling, WarwickOrange County 1875 NY 1875
Waste, Gaskill, Lewis, Sweney, Murphy, Ames, Tebbets, Thompson, O.H. Hall, Carli, McMahan, Watkins, Finch, StuartMinnesota State Atlas 1874 MN 1874
Wenig, Warren, Graig, McConnell, Kellicut, Kriser, Shaffer, Finch, Hunt, Holcomb, Griffith, Bailey, Oaks, LongHillsdale County 1916 Published by Ogle MI 1916