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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
August Burckhardt, Fred Hirz, Herrman and Pfarr, V. Ziemer, Mathias Frick, W. LeopoldCuyahoga County 1874 OH 1874
Bilderback, Farr, Lee, Glover, thickstun, Beardslie, Loveridge, Lawson, McCabe, Gleason, Thomson, Rutherford, ConeCass County 1914 MI 1914
Brodie Place, Farm, Residence, Sellen, J. W. Farr, Geo. E. Bidwell, Hill, James Soles, A. C. BuffumKnox County 1870 IL 1870
Collins, Farr, Carty, Moore, Garnett, Caldwell, SteinbachShelby County 1902 MO 1902
Elmer Frost, John R. Hopkins, Thomas Plum, Alonzo N. Farr, Horace TinkerPortage County 1874 OH 1874
Evermoen, Espeseth, Hayes, Berg, LaFerriere, Farr, Larson, Ysen, Anderson, Goodwin, Prestmon, MowittClearwater County 1992 MN 1992
Farr, Booze, Thaemert, Felsburg, McFarlandLincoln County 1918 KS 1918
Farr, Goist, Charles, Morgan, Krehl. Bean, Shields, Patterson, Miller, Lewis, Pennell, Lawrence, Crum, Vaughn, GriceTrumbull County 1899 OH 1899
Farr, Stone, Simmons, Foster, Smith, Nicol, Benedict, Sefton, Cury, Noble, Marvin, Hurley, McLachlin, McCaren, BullardSanilac County 1906 MI 1906
Gave Stock Farmers, Davis Farm Residence, Farr Farm Residence, Garrett Residence, Aldrich GrocerBremer County 1875 IA 1875
Hotel Farr, Miller, Findley, Fox, Keith, Tucker, Lobdell, Good, Coldwater, Cemetery LakeBranch County 1915 MI 1915
J.N. Robinson, A.R. Whiteside, H. Bronson, O.C. Shepard, T.J. Farr, D.A. WellsMedina County 1874 OH 1874
Ladd, Ricci, Klinkhammer, Farr, Greener, Roff, Jacobs, Zappa, Jergenson, Flint, Bowen, Smith, PapenfussBarron County 1966 WI 1966
Mahlon C. Cory and Mrs. Sarah F. Farr - FarmWabash County 1875 IN 1875
Nevins, Stafford, Farr, Barnum, Green, Tyden, Mohler, Lee, Potter, Crook, Swift, BishopBarry County 1913 MI 1913
Pries-Schult, Warneke-Bruns, Rodemeyer, Fritcher-Farr, Stumme-Brandt, Gottlieb, Meyne, Tonne, Eick, BeamBremer County 1997 IA 1997