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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Beard, Kohler, Timmerman, Tower, Clark, Farnsworth, Larson, NashMontcalm County 1921 MI 1921
Farnsworth, Grant, Callanan, Tierney, Odgers, Anderson, Crowley, Klawunder, Neal, Pitner, Swanson, PeakLincoln County 1911 WA 1911
Farnsworth, Minard, OsgoodKane County 1872 Microfilm IL 1872
G. Anderson, F. Farnsworth, G. Blasius, C. Mertens, G. Price, B. Stenson, L. McManus, C. Zemans, H. Toupal, F. AnderaBrule County 1986 SD 1986
Hammers, Farnsworth, Eureka College, WoodsWoodford County 1873 IL 1873
J.P. Farnsworth, C. Hallstead, Abram shoemaker, Peter Keithline, H.H. Husemon, H.L. SkavlemRock County 1873 WI 1873
Jesse Hammers,E.N. Farnsworth, Eureka College, John WoodsWoodford County 1873 IL 1873
John F. Farnsworth, Ira Minard, W. F. OsgoodKane County 1872 IL 1872
John F. Farnsworth, Ira Minard, W.F. OsgoodKane County 1871 IL 1871
Reeder Smith, Farnsworth and Smith, Bankers, A.L. Smith, Evan Edwards, E.C. Goff ResidenceWisconsin State Atlas 1881 WI 1881
Richard Shippen, Isaac F. Farnsworth, Isaac W. Mease, C.C. BrosiusClarion County 1877 PA 1877
Thoms, Farnsworth Hardware, Oltrogge and Auton, Howe, Lalk, Duford, Wittenburg, Heine, Leniusk, WesterveltBremer County 1997 IA 1997
W. W. Farnsworth, Chas. W. CounterLucas County 1901 OH 1901