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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Allan Larson, Delmore Peterson, Charles W. Fargo, Sioux Alfalfa, Richard Hahn, Malcolm McMeuchieClay County 1968 SD 1968
Conley, Grauer, Johnson, Fargo, Rupp, Hohbach, Stowater, Rainboth, Krekow, Deichmann, Stodden, Wendt, BraunCherokee County 1992 IA 1992
Frank Haskins, Street Scene in Fargo, Postage Stamp Farm, H.F. ChaffeeCass County 1906 ND 1906
Irving Hanson, William Larson, Charles Fargo, Irving Hanson, Elnar Wiken, Vern Fairly, Patricia Walters, Harlin Nelson, Carroll FairleyClay County 1968 SD 1968
Northern Pacific Park, Jones Hall, Fargo College, Waldorf Hotel, High School, Masonic Temple, Agricultural CollegeCass County 1906 ND 1906
Ole Larson, James Fargo, John Sealy, Edwin Lee Anderson, Carl Bururtz, Paul Larson, Sharon Ferding, Ole Larson, Jean Frank, Edwin Anderson, Russell GransonClay County 1968 SD 1968
Tuskind Bros. General Store, Fargo Cornice and Ornament Co.Cass County 1906 ND 1906