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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Alfred Hennersback, Henry Fink Familly, Alvin Bade Farm, Ole T. Thompson FamilyBuffalo County 1966 WI 1966
Arno Rieck Family, Fluschauer Familly, La Dude Family, Clarence Linse FamillyBuffalo County 1966 WI 1966
Elwin Odegard Family, Donald Bloomer Familly, Silvester Heck Farm, Vernard Buchholz FarmBuffalo County 1966 WI 1966
Roman Schmitz Family, M.W. Purdy Family, Hilman Schmidt Familly, Dale Jensen FamilyBlackhawk County 1966 IA 1966
Ryan, Weiden, LeRoy-Schuler Familly, Purdy, Ehr, Jepsen, Barron, Lobeck, Craft, Youngblut, Vegel, Neimeyer, RisseBlackhawk County 1966 IA 1966
William H. Steimel Farm 1856 and Barn Raising Group 1910, Will Brown Familly 1910, Bennington Twsp School 1886Blackhawk County 1966 IA 1966