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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
A.L.S. Campbell, Fairfield Wholesale Ice HousesButler County 1885 OH 1885
Conrad, Jones, Alexander, Cook, Fairfield, Cotton, Chittenden, Jordan, Charles, Austin, WilliamsMadison County 1901 IN 1901
Enos Neal Residence, James E. Norton Residence, Fairfield Flouring MillHoward County 1877 IN 1877
Hinton, Rittenhouse, Fairfield, Renz, Duvall, Smith, Archer, Throckmarton, Snyder, RichardsonChampaign County 1913 IL 1913
Hon. W.M. Mercer Residence, Leander Buchanan, John Buchanan , Fairfield, Public SchoolDeKalb County 1880 IN 1880
Issac Kouw, Wheatley, Todd, Schuh Furniture, Fruit Growers State Bank, Fairfield & Kolvoord, The LakesideAllegan County 1913 MI 1913
Painter, Humphrey, Heritage, Dalrymple, Brattain, Narlan, Darby, Botkin, Hood, Fairfield, Smith, MillerMadison County 1901 IN 1901
Sherman, Ewing, Fairfield County Court HouseFairfield County 1875 OH 1875
Weilage, Gustafson, Craig, Sherman, Grady, Larsen, Bade, Hankins, Retzlaff, Fairfield, Taylor, Stewart, Heupel, HerrLancaster County 1903 NE 1903