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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
7th Day Baptist Church, St. Jude's Catholic Church, Cippewa Falls Public Library, United Methodist ChurchChippewa County 1969 WI 1969
A. F. Brockman, W. F. Byary, W. O. Cox, John B. Chappell, J. Ernest Gates, Dr. H. H. Hartley, Davis and Iten, H. A. RichardsonKlickitat County 1913 Version 1 WA 1913
A. McCleary, Lewis a. riley, HilliardLouisa County 1874 Microfilm IA 1874
A.M. Pardee, Geo. N. Hatch, Spring Arbor Seminary, B.C. Hatch, S.H. Ludlow, Geo. LandonJackson County 1874 MI 1874
Allen County Infirmary, Cort House, sheriff's Residence and JailAllen County 1880 OH 1880
Allen, Petaluma Broom Factory, Doty, Porterfield, Martin, Cleary, St Vincents Academy, Thompson & MeekSonoma County 1877 CA 1877
Altemeier, Hammer, Robinson, Ross, Allfree, Aillaud, Couch, Cary, Sylvester, Porter, Hellyer, WehrmanJasper County 1901 IA 1901
American Lutheran, Full Gospel Church, Indian Lake Baptist, Nobles County War Memorial Library, Brewster H. S.Nobles County 1989 MN 1989
Anderson, Warren, Trenary, Roth, Martin, Cary, Haszler, Yund, VogelLa Salle County 1929 IL 1929
Andover Theological Seminary, Phillips Academy, Brechin LibraryEssex County 1884 MA 1884
Arnold Kiene, Mount St. Joseph College and Academy, German Presbyterian Theological Scoool, Epworth Seminary, DeBraDubuque County 1906 IA 1906
Aurelia golf Club, Main Street, Public Library, Public Park, Sunset KnollCherokee County 1982 IA 1982
Bauer, Kenmore Brook, Saley, Leary, Schaible, Bower, Parker, Burkhardt, Haselschwerdt, NiehausWashtenaw County 1915 MI 1915
Beckman, Dalgliesh, McBroom, Crary, Keiter, Frost, Williamson, Dodd, Souers, WilloughbyGrundy County 1911 IA 1911
Big Marine Lake, Ensign Lake, Badoura State Tree Nursary, Indian harvesting wild rice on Rice LakeWilkin County 1963 MN 1963
Birchard Library, O.A. Roberts, Buckland, Hamilton, Basil MeekSandusky County 1898 OH 1898
Boettcher, McClary, Jones, Nordine, Watts, Olson, Fondroy, Ackerman, Bloom, Nelsen, Mickelson, Fassler, SorbeBuena Vista County 1982 IA 1982
Boys Seminary, TOdd, Smailes, Woodstock Public SchoolMcHenry County 1872 IL 1872
Bries, Trede, Brown, Willie, Wilker, Kregel, Oberbroeckling, Szemkus, Moose, Bass, Gary, MoserClayton County 1975 IA 1975
Brookins, Johnston, Hauser, Gary, Heald, Goodell, Fisher, Billings, Biggar, Heidecker, Blocker, BoettcherChickasaw County 1915 IA 1915
Brown Memorial Library, Cutler County Sheriffs Office, Dumont Fire Dept., Austinville Christian Reformed ChurchButler County 2000 IA 2000
Bueter, McCroskey, Koch, Samuelson, Hunnicutt, Langley, Nebergall, Ford, Geary, Wright, AcheyCedar County 1977 IA 1977
Butler County Court House, County Jail, Lane Free Library, County InfirmaryButler County 1885 OH 1885
Byers, Caes, Cain, Campbell, Carr, Cary, Caskey, Causey, Challis, ChamberlainCedar County 1977 IA 1977
Bykonen, Umbreit, Botz, Skeie, Apiary, HoffTowner County 1928 ND 1928
C.F. Brokmeyer, St. Michael's Catholic Church, R.C. Wilson, Geroge Chase, L.B. Cary, T. McGrathFond du Lac 1874 WI 1874
Campbell, Taylor, Schaaf, Sunderman, Lafrenz, Chantry, Lamp, Lowary, Kunze, Reason, McMullen, WinchellCass County 1989 IA 1989
Cannell, Leary, McBride, Buck, Nelson, Soper, Adcock, Patterson, Schoonover, Armstrong, Lord, Willard, YardeWarren County 1912 IL 1912
Carnagie Library, Post Office, Union Park, Market House, Police Station, Grace ParkSummit County 1910 OH 1910
Cavanaugh, McCabe, Martin, Boettcher, Lullman, Crodit, McClary, Bayliss, Hogrefe, Mickelson, Hadenfeldt, GibbonsBuena Vista County 1982 IA 1982
Cedar Rapids Industries, Krebs Bros. Co., Monuments and Statuary, Bealer Stone QuarryIowa State Atlas 1904 IA 1904
Chamberlain, Quail, Baxter, Winter, Milton, Sorenson, Mohr, Morisch, McCreary, FlahartyClay County 2003 IA 2003
Chartiers U.P. Church, Rev. D.M.B. McLean, Wm. Mercer, George W. Roberts, McNary, Pollock, Miller, Martin, Campbell, RussellWashington County 1876 PA 1876
Chartiers Valley Agricultural Association, Cannonsburgh, McClelland, McNary, McNutt, Dickson, Borland, Craighead, BerryWashington County 1876 PA 1876
Cherokee County Court House, High School, Library, Webster, Garfield, Little Sioux RiverCherokee County 1907 IA 1907
Cherokee Lincoln School, Webster, Marcus Elementary, St. John's Catholic, Pilot Rock LookoutCherokee County 1982 IA 1982
City Hall, Post Office, Ida Public Library, D. D. Sabin, E. C. LawrenceWinnebago County and Boone County 1886 IL 1886
Ckein, Bishop, Davis, Scoville, Boatright, Vanscoy, Murphy, Cary, Dennis, Davis, Auten, BunkerJasper County 1901 IA 1901
Clark County Court House, County Jail, Soldiers' Monument, County Infirmary, County Orphans' HomeClark County 1894 OH 1894
Clark, Clary, Clute, Collins, Conrad, Cooey, Cook, Cooksley, Coyle, Culbertson, CummingsDelaware County 1979 IA 1979
Clippinger, Penquite, Jendins, Baldwin, Highley, Lee, Schlosser, Slaughter, Zachary, DaftJasper County 1901 IA 1901
Cooperstown Seminary, Gilbertsville Academy, Schuyler LakeOtsego County 1868 NY 1868
Cornell College, Art Studio, Conservatory Hall, College, Science, Chapel, Library, MuseumLinn County 1895 IA 1895
Cornell Library, Ithaca, NY, Finch, White, Searles, Barney, Gray, White, Williams, Lord, Finch, Hitchcock, SelkregTompkins County 1866 NY 1866
Court House, Christ Chapel, Holy Rosary, Evangelical Covenant, First Baptist, Catholic ChurchNicollet County 1962 MN 1962
Court House, Holy Trinity Catholic, St Mary, Our Savior Lutheran, St John, Methodist ChurchBarnes County 1963 ND 1963
Court House, Infirmary, Jail, Children's Home, High School. Soldiers, Sailors' Memorial Building, Bellville, ShelbyRichland County 1896 OH 1896
Crabtree, Cary, Olson, Schauer, Hendrickson, Braseth, HaugrudBecker County 2002 MN 2002
Crabtree, Kriha, Olson, Nelson, Cary, Levin, Hendrickson, Selseth, Ullrich, Odegaard, Parkh, HandegardBecker County 1992 MN 1992
Cresco Public Library, Country Club, Methodist Episcopal Church, Assembly of god, Evans Rest Home, Mercy HospitalHoward County 1969 IA 1969
Cumberland Community School, Schuler Elementary, Atlantic Middle, Nishnabotna Ferry HouseCass County 2003 IA 2003
Daniel Snyder, Mary, P. and J.H. ManchesterAuglaize County 1880 OH 1880
Davenport, Central Park, Kirkwood, City Hall, Public Library, Crescent Bridge, Central Fire StationScott County 1905 IA 1905
Detroit Lakes Library, Assembly of God Church, Detroit Lakes Middle School, Rossman, Audubon, BethlehemBecker County 2002 MN 2002
Dinkla, Dreager, Eblen, Enfield, Giese, Hall, Hamann, Harris, Heeren, Hoyt, Karas, Lary, McCarty, McVay, Meyer, MillsCass County 1978 IA 1978
Dodd, McKenzie, Parmenter, Tait, Silwold, Rasche, Cary, Goodhue, Harrah, Swihart, Crawford, DodgeJasper County 1901 IA 1901
Doylestown English Classical Seminary, Benj. Smith, Jas. D. ScottBucks County 1876 PA 1876
East Maine Conference Seminary, Bucksport, Boston Clothing Store, N.S. Salsbury, EllsworthHancock County 1881 ME 1881
Fairlie, Hotel Keokuk, St. Joseph's Hospital, Lincoln School, St. John's Episcopal, St. Mary, Elk's Club, Santa Fe Bridge, DingmanLee County 1916 IA 1916
Farmers Exchange Bank of Nebo, Emert Manufacturing Company, Carnegie Public Library, BushPike County 1912 Microfilm IL 1912
Female Seminary, Marietta Ingham, P. Staunton, LeRoy, N.Y.Genesee County 1876 NY 1876
Fertile City Hall, Lutheran Church, Library, Grafton Fire Department, Park, High School Emmanuel LutheranWorth County 2000 IA 2000
First English Lutheran Church, Baptist, Spring Valley Library, Fillmore Co. Hwy Dept., Peterson SchoolFillmore County 2003 MN 2003
Fort Dodge, Public Library, Baptist Church, Post Office, Episcopal Church, Armory, High School, Tobin CollegeIowa State Atlas 1904 IA 1904
France, Ashcraft, Bentley, Byerly, Ellsworth Park, Nesbitt, Anker, Bales, Mathews, Carnegie Library, DanvilleVermilion County 1915 IL 1915
Francis S. Martin, Caroline, Hermon, Rebecca, Willis, Hattie, Ella, Lucy, Mary, Elsie, Carrie, CharlesCass County 1878 IN 1878
Frazier, Geary, Gray, Groon, Hakl, Hanson, Harkness, Hawkenson, Heckathorn, Heeren, Hinds, HoflandUnion County 1992 SD 1992
Fuessley, Attwood, Bersley, Kelley, Peyton, Simon, Gary, Werner, Barry, Sarchett, NietertLinn County 1907 IA 1907
Gates, Gaul, Geodelman, Geary, Gill, Gipson, Glenney, Glick, Goldsmith, Goodale, Grace, GrayCedar County 1977 IA 1977
Geary, Rosenbaum, Geary, Hummel, Andersen, Union County Fertilizer Co.Union County 1992 SD 1992
George Crogan, Soldiers' Monument, Sandusky County Jail, Infirmary, Court HouseSandusky County 1898 OH 1898
Gruver, Rezac, Nielsen, Estherville Library, M and St. Louis R.R., Harold Jensen, JensEmmet County 1970 IA 1970
Gulliver, Dew, Bailey, Crary, Black, Wass, Harberts, Stevens, McBroom, Morrison, PeppermanGrundy County 1911 IA 1911
Hawkins, Appleget, Wendt, Abell, Mcdonough, Eichhorst, Geary, Krause, Mueller, RollinsWaseca County 1937 MN 1937
Hay, Porter, Gary, Albee, Daggett, Harris, Clark, JewellWinnebago County 1889 WI 1889
Hazen's Eye & Ear Infirmary, Blackmarr and Benedicts Mill, Addicken, Plumly, Bashaw, McCall, Green, SiebelIowa 1875 State Atlas IA 1875
Henry County Infirmary, L.J. WilkinsonHenry County 1875 IL 1875
Herrity, Gary, Cox, Johnson, Olson, Missouri River, Anderton Farm, Collins ResidenceUnion County 1910 SD 1910
Hilliard, Hanson, Kaltved, DeVary, Olson, Phelon, Petersen, Wright, Weller, Fogde, Howard, HansenEmmet County 1970 IA 1970
Immanuel Lutheran Church, First Presbyterian, Trinity Episcopal, Assembly of God, Adam Elementary, St. Mary's CatholicCarroll County 2002 IA 2002
Infirmary, Childrens Home, City Hospital, Mary Day NurserySummit County 1910 OH 1910
Iola Library, Presbyterian Church, First Methodist ChurchAllen County 1921 KS 1921
Iowa Blind Asylum, Soldiers Orphans Home, State Institute for the Deaf & Dumb, Penitentiary, PrisonIowa 1875 State Atlas IA 1875
Iowa State Teachers' College, Library, Science Building, Museum, Campus, Gymnasium, Chemical LaboratoryBlack Hawk County 1910 IA 1910
Ira C. Woodward, Wolfgang Miller, Woodward & Churchill's General Store, Bartlett, Amos Freeman, Cary, James BloodgoodErie County 1880 NY 1880
J. L. Harmison, E. G. Harper, Minnie Manton, Mary, Mamie, Geo. W. Parker, George R. Newman, Jesse IrickPike County 1912 IL 1912
J.M. Evans, David L. Mills, Evansville Seminary, Daniel Johnson, W.H. HatfieldRock County 1873 WI 1873
J.S. McCreary, Samuel BrearleyFulton County 1871 IL 1871
Jahn Mays, Linden Farm, Mary, J. J. Benson, Latham, Mt. Olivet M. E. Church, Marion County, ResidenceMarion County 1875 MO 1875
James A. Stewart, Mary, Jesse, William, Fannie, MarthaLicking County 1875 OH 1875
James Bolin Residence and Apiary, West Lodi, John CotnerErie County 1874 OH 1874
James Bradford, Mary, HarrietMontgomery County 1875 OH 1875
James Prendergast Memorial Library, M.K. DieterChautauqua County 1881 NY 1881
Jas. S. McNary, Chartiers Presbyterian Church and CemeteryWashington County 1876 PA 1876
John Costenborder, Sarah, Elvira, Mary, Nathaniel, WilliamCass County 1878 IN 1878
John Mc.Crary, Nathan Smith, Mrs. Susannah Morison, Maria C. Wheeler, Joshua Cope, Residence, Farm, DudleyHardin County 1879 OH 1879
Jorgensen, Christensen, Koop, Morley, Scholl, McCaskey, Gary, Wahlert, Garside, Krause, Mann, Holaday, NelsenCass County 1978 IA 1978
Kansas State Penitentiary, Richter, Hiatt, Shaw, Smith, Higgins, JonesKansas State Atlas 1887 KS 1887
Keebler, Meyer, Drees, Ryan, Doyle, Wood, Cash, Appleby, Hough, Casey, Clary, Ryan, HoughDelaware County 1979 IA 1979
Kelley, Ahrendsen, Amundson, Crary, Stanford, Kruse, Bjorge, Skadland, James, Westphal, CresapCherokee County 1992 IA 1992
Kellogg, Terry, Mary Winans, David Johnson, Uehling, O'Leary, Rime, BeebeRock County 1917 WI 1917
Kendall Public Library, Sparta Free Library, Sparta Train Depot, Monroe Co. Museum, NorwalkMonroe County 1994 WI 1994
Keokuk, Lincoln School, Library, Court House, Y.M.C.A., Christian Church, Union Depot, Hamilton Bridge, Draw BridgeIowa State Atlas 1904 IA 1904
King, Morgan County Infirmary, Plummer, Devol. Bailey, Tunnel Hill, Muskingum RiverMorgan County 1902 OH 1902
Lake Anita, Griswold Library, Griswold, Noble United Methodist ChurchCass County 2003 IA 2003
Lake Geneva Seminary, Walworth County Court HouseWalworth County 1873 WI 1873
Lane, Manley, Trenary, Vigdal, Bussa, Kinnander, Recker, Carlson, Gochanour, Hardecopf, Dreyer, Huntley, JacobsenEmmet County 1970 IA 1970
Lau, Beach, Carnegie Public Library, Frisco Depot - Perry, Red Rock Township High SchoolNoble County 1912 OK 1912
Lawler Public Library, New Hampton High School, Mt. Carmel Church, Jerico Evangelica Lutheran ChurchChickasaw County 1996 IA 1996
Lewis, Ness, Nelson, Sherwood, Warner, Seaver, Nielsen, Huber, Gary, Alexander, Erickson, Goth, SmithClark County 1911 SD 1911
Linden Female Seminary, Chas. Rotzel, Thomas MacReynolds, Fountain House, Wm. CorsonBucks County 1876 PA 1876
Lindquist, Sweet, Pierce, Reiling, Schramm, McClary, Ackerman, Garberding, Mickelson, Hogrefe, Hodenfeldt, NordineBuena Vista County 1982 IA 1982
Little Falls Library, First Baptist Church, First Lutheran Church, Lastrup Catholic Church, Zion Lutheran ChurchMorrison County 1978 MN 1978
Little Falls Library, St. Mary's Church, Fire Station, Episcopal, Kingdom Hall, Crosier SeminaryMorrison County 1996 MN 1996
Little Falls Post Office, Morrison County Court House, Pierz City Hall, Pierz Library, Pierz Post Office, Hillman, LostrupMorrison County 1978 MN 1978
Louderback, Weber, Cleary, Rich, Rabe, Oughton, Dwight High School, Mateska, McMillan, Dixon, KennethLivingston County 1911 IL 1911
Lullmann, Lutter, Madsen, Mahnke, Malcom, Marshall, Martin, McCabe, McClary, McClatchey, McConkey, McCoyBuena Vista County 1982 IA 1982
Lundgren, Lone Tree Apiary, Kyes Hogs, Hord Grain Co, Peters Residece, Peck Farm, Condell FarmMerrick County 1917 NE 1917
Marion County Infirmary, Court HouseMarion County 1878 OH 1878
Marshalltown, Lennox Maching, Hawkeye Wrench, Letts, Fletcher, Stoddart Hotel, Anson School, Carnegie Library, OdeonIowa State Atlas 1904 IA 1904
Mary, Levi, Jacob ClaypoolMuskingum County 1875 OH 1875
Mason Memorial Library, J. F. Boal and Son Drug Store, Earl Taylor FurnitureBureau County 1916 IL 1916
Mather, Negus, Hutcheson, Baker, Jennings, Carney, Ross, Cary, Rue, Faires, Maurer, KingsburyCedar County 1901 IA 1901
Mauck, Oakleaf Country Club, Memorial Building, Reinbeck, Library, Collins, MikkelsenGrundy County 1965 IA 1965
Maurer, Strobl, Burg, Wessels, Crary, Spinlker, Cather, Shiddler, Person, Lundstedt, Hutchins, Ohmstede, Spilker, MeentsWebster County 1923 NE 1923
McArthur, Reinemund, Dever, Manley, Geary County Court House, Library, First Capitol, PawneeGeary County 1909 KS 1909
McClellan, Robb, Lust, Telfer, Simpson, Poortinga, Robinson, Tool, Robb, Moller, Zachary, Furnoy, MillerJasper County 1901 IA 1901
McCreary, Porrer, Recobs, Ramseyer, Kemper, Green, Hoback, PennockTipton County 1928 IN 1928
McNiel, Hemphill, Augustine, McCreary, Mounce, Reynolds, Fee, Servison, Floyd, Wilsey, RowleyLinn County 1907 IA 1907
McNutt, Snoddy, Foltz, Honnold, Logan, Curl, Jump, Redmon School, Carnegie Library, Tanner SchoolEdgar County 1910 IL 1910
Mercer County Court House, Infirmary, Public SchoolMercer County 1900 OH 1900
Miles N. Willison, Don, Mary, Nancy, Harry, JeremiahLicking County 1875 OH 1875
Miller, Watson, Schmedtjen, Neary, Behrends, Henderson, McLaren, Wright, Becker, Simon, Eilts, Hargin, HamannCass County 1978 IA 1978
Mills Seminary, BrooklynAlameda County 1878 CA 1878
Minertz, Wetzell, Moshe, Voss, Thomas, Snyder, Clary, Giese, Waterstreet, Cox, Larson, Rose, LandherrWhiteside County 1967 IL 1967
Mobley, Alberts, Johnson, Harris, Hassman, Kalkwarf, Muller, Rieken, Cleary, Kalkwarf, Meyer, Schipper, HassmanButler County 2000 IA 2000
Monfrooe, Kaul, Rasmussen, Ous, Gary, Swenson, Holden, KvamClearwater County 1992 MN 1992
Moore, Cosler, Parlin, McClelland, Parlin Library, Fowler, Babbit, Ketcham, McLarenFulton County 1895 IL 1895
Morrison, McBroom, Blough, Johnston, Carpenter, Benz, Gray, Black, Galbraith, Crary, PeppermanGrundy County 1911 IA 1911
Moyer Library, Paxton Carnegie Library, Township High School, Graded Public School, Gibson City, PaxtonFord County 1916 IL 1916
Muskingum County Infirmary, Thomas GriffithMuskingum County 1875 OH 1875
Nasua Fire Dept., United Methodist Church, Nashua Public Library, Little Brown Church, First Congregational ChurchChickasaw County 1996 IA 1996
New Block, Norwich Seminary, Dist School No. 1, Bethel,finalWindsor County 1869 VT 1869
Nichols, Malsbary, Wisehart, Shaffer, Mercer, Hewit, Wimmer, Reece, Pierce, Huff, Walters, HallHenry County 1893 IN 1893
Noble County Infirmary, Noble County Court HouseNoble County 1876 OH 1876
Normal School, Cedar Falls, Library, First Building 8176, Shakespeare-Aristo Society Hall, Raffia Basket WorkIowa State Atlas 1904 IA 1904
O'Leary, Kotten, Zillmer, Berendes, Volden, Von Haden, Semann, Brieske, Knapp, Sossong, Richert, BeckerMonroe County 1994 WI 1994
Oak Shades, Soule, Estes, McCracken, Crary, Young, Norris & RobbinsIowa 1875 State Atlas IA 1875
Oakwood Seminary, O.E. Burdick, AuburnCayuga County 1875 NY 1875
OLeary, A.M. Olson, A. Olsen, E.C. Olson, F. Olson, F.S. Olson, H. Olson, M. Olson, O. Olson, P. Olson, R. OlsonPolk County 1970 MN 1970
Page 122 - Col. Wm. B. Thomas, Geo. T. Barr, James T. McCleary, Hon. Gilbert Gutterson, Hon. David E. CrossBlue Earth County 1895 MN 1895
Paulding County Library, Paulding - High SchoolPaulding County 1922 OH 1922
Peter Schaf, Susanna, Mary, Kathrina, Magdelena, AdamFranklin County 1882 IN 1882
Peterson, Allard, Budendorf, Lawonn, OLeary, Allard, DeMars, Donahue, Hegg, Swenson, Burton, SyrstadPolk County 1970 MN 1970
Peterson, Rinehart, McCrary, Coughlin, Swenson, Myer, Studt, Thurston, Schille, GouldCloud County 1917 KS 1917
Pickeral Lake Church, St. Paul's Lutheran, Lincoln Educational Center, St. Mary, Houglum, StrandvickBecker County 2002 MN 2002
Pipestone Public Library, Jasper, Pipestone, St. James, Ruthton Public School, Edgerton, Holland, RuthtonPipestone County 1989 MN 1989
Plaza Hotel, St. Bonafacius School, Ludlow Falls, Schmidlapp Library, Bethel High SchoolMiami County 1894 OH 1894
Pokomy, Farrell, Jost, Oberman, Cleary, Dierks, Grimm, Businger, Mullin, Grantz, Langheim, Spies, Schoolman, PrayClinton County 1981 IA 1981
Powell, Gipson, Ford, Nebergall, Sloup, Maurer, Mauseth, Ketelsen, Geary, Moore, Helmold, LinnCedar County 1977 IA 1977
Powers Elevator Company, Ottawa County Infirmary, Bergman, Tank, Wash, Petersen, Thierwechter, Grese, BolteOttawa County 1900 OH 1900
Prophetstown Fire Department, Morrison Police Department, Sterling Public Library, Morrison Municipal BuildingWhiteside County 1967 IL 1967
Public Library, Hodges, Pierson, Greer, Baptist Church, Driver, Witt, Tucker, Methodist EpiscopalGreene County 1915 IL 1915
Raub Bank, U.B. Church, Shaw, Hazelden Farm, Hess, Borklund, Reinhart, Remsburg, Kentland Library, DarrochNewton County 1916 IN 1916
Readlyn City Hall, Faith Evangelical Church, Sumner Public Library, Shell Rock High School, Plainfield Fire Dept.Bremer County 1997 IA 1997
Readlyn Community Library, Klinger Immaculate Lutheran Church, Denver High School, Whartburg CollegeBremer County 1997 IA 1997
Reed, Folks, Sayer, Hicks, Ford, Phillips Raymond, Dean, Burruss, Loder, Vicary, CrouchJackson County 1911 MI 1911
Rev. D.M. Lafayette Rollin, Mayr Cary, Byron, N.Y.Genesee County 1876 NY 1876
Riceville St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Congregationsl, Orchard, Stacyville, Catholic, Christian Missionary, Osage, St. PeterMitchell County 1960 IA 1960
Rigney Residence, Gentry County Infirmary, Parman Residence, Hundley Residence, Williams ResidenceGentry County 1914 MO 1914
Robert B. Long, Mary, Rebecca, Martha J. Louisa E. Charles E.Kosciusko County 1879 IN 1879
Robert Clary, Jefferson StoneMenard County 1874 IL 1874
Robert Lee Gilmore Means, Olive, Mary, Lucy Ellen, Lyman, RebeccaAuglaize County 1880 OH 1880
Rose Free Dispensary, Union Depot, New Hope Cemetery, Highland Lawn Chapel, Wabash River, Collett ParkVigo County 1895 IN 1895
Royalton Community Library, Fire and Rescue, High School, St. James Catholic Church, LutheranMorrison County 1996 MN 1996
Rushford Fire, First Presbyterian Church, Public Library, Wykoff Jail Haus, St. Joseph's Catholic ChurchFillmore County 2003 MN 2003
Rust, Palmer, Devary, Watt, Schaefer, Plagge, Kuhlemeier, Brown, BielefeldCerro Gordo County 1978 IA 1978
Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Upham Public Library, United Methodist Church, Peace United Church of ChristChickasaw County 1996 IA 1996
Sarver, Files, Stevenson, Siebert, Tedrick, Lovett, Wright, Low, Jackson, Thompson, Cleary, Boaz, TedrickFayette County 1915 IL 1915
Schilling, DeBuhr, Henrichs, Kramer, Grand Prairie Cemetary, Nolte, Heronimuus, DeBoer, Siemer, Huisman, LenzNobles County 1989 MN 1989
Schindler, Olson, Lunde, Cary, Braseth, Erickson, Schauer, GeerBecker County 2002 MN 2002
Schoenbohm, Edwards, Neary, Elwood, McLaren, Nolte, McGuire, Schmedtjen, Boysen, Hamann, Eilts, Baylor, FrankCass County 1978 IA 1978
Schrage, Niewoehner, Bahr, Boess, Fagenbaum, Schlatter, Niewoehner, Copp, Crary, Rochford, Stephanie, WogslandFayette County 1976 IA 1976
Seneca County Court House, Jail, Soldiers' Monument, Infirmary, Riverview ParkSeneca County 1896 Published by Rerick Brothers OH 1896
Seneca County Court House, Soldiers Monument, County Infirmary, Riverview ParkSeneca County 1896 OH 1896
Shafor, Hughes, Lefferson, McCreary, Gorsuch, Elliott, Fredericks, Van Dyke, Bandtel, WebbButler County 1885 OH 1885
Shaw, Burrows, Gary, McHenry, Buton, Pfoltnar, Carlson, Rowedder, Naeve, Meyers, Wunder, Jochimsen, MeyersCrawford County 1908 IA 1908
ShawLight, Korth, Whaley, Apiary, Schanlaur, Hansen, Chamberlain, Grove, Ashby, Davis, Bess, ChristiansonNewton County 1916 IN 1916
Shepeck, Detempal, Deloughary, Waldo, Lemay, Carley, Anderson, Leaveck, Anderson, Hendericksen, DanielsonMenominee County 1912 MI 1912
Sornson Farm, Die Bricke Building, Carnegie Public Library, Waitsburg Annual Horse ShowWalla Walla County 1909 WA 1909
Sparta Public Library, St. Paul's Lutheran Church, First United Methodist Church, Tomah Baptist ChurchMonroe County 1994 WI 1994
Spieker, McCurdy, Kopp, Raasch, Bicking, Boos, Dinkla, Mueller, Schwenke, Bannick, Heeren, Lary, Weaver, HosfeltCass County 1978 IA 1978
Springfield Library, Institution for Savings, River Side Cottage, E. Sexton, Baptist ChurchHampden County 1870 MA 1870
St. Patrick Church, Estherville, Union Baptist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Calvary, Presbyterian, Hospital, BolstadEmmet County 1970 IA 1970
St. Paul_s Lutheran 1951, St. Paul Lutheran, St. Johns Lutheran, Deshler City Library, Tucker Memorial LibraryThayer County 1976 NE 1976
Starkey Seminary, Eddytown, N.Y.Yates County 1876 NY 1876
State College, Ames, Creamery, Library, Veterinary, Class in Sewing, Laboratory in Cooking, Mining EngineeringIowa State Atlas 1904 IA 1904
State Institutions - Cherokee State, Hospital, School for the Deaf, Penitentiary, Mount Pleasant State HospitalIowa State Atlas 1904 IA 1904
State Institutions, Soldiers Homes, Marshalltown, Penitentiary, Anamosa, College For The Blind, Soldiers Ophans HomeIowa State Atlas 1904 IA 1904
Sudman, Thiner, Waters, Stuetelberg, Woodruff, Neary, Shriver, Mennes, Behrends, Larsen, Boettsche, CommesCass County 1989 IA 1989
Tannar, Runkle, Walker, Sickel, Atkisson, Clary, Low, Carson, Wyatt, Morrison, WalkerBourbon County 1920 KS 1920
Thomas Bryan, Stock Farm, Mary, Lewis, Short Horn Cattle, LibertyMarion County 1875 MO 1875
Thos McNary, Robt A. HodgensWashington County 1876 PA 1876
Throcknioston, Adair, Borogill, Kingsbury, Beary, Graves, MillerCoffey County 1878 KS 1878
Tickner, McCleary, Blackburn, Smith, Younginger, Wilson, Greifzer, Garrison, Pitman, ObrechtWayne County 1910 IL 1910
Timmerman, Cary, Zahner, Cary, Von Muenster, King, Seligman, Triebe, MarburgerCedar County 1977 IA 1977
Timmerman, Sievers, Cary, Kraklio, Smith, Schroeder, Muenster, Delever, KleppeCedar County 1977 IA 1977
Tipton Public Library, First Ward, Third Ward and High School, Jefferson Street, St. Josephs AcademyTipton County 1928 IN 1928
Topeka Free Library, College of The sisters of BethanyKansas State Atlas 1887 KS 1887
Trenary, Wegner, Beck, Duane, Anderson, Huntley, Mayne, Larsen, Eastman, QuastadEmmet County 1970 IA 1970
Tunnissen, Collins, St.Mary, Winner High SchoolTripp County 1963 SD 1963
Union County Infirmary, George Wilber, Levi Longbrake, E.L. PriceUnion County 1877 OH 1877
Upham Memorial Library, First Baptist Church, St. Boniface Church, St. Mary's Catholic Church, Alta Vista LibraryChickasaw County 1996 IA 1996
V.F.W. Hall, Northwood, Grafton Public Library, Worth County Historical, Lake Mills Public Library, Northwood True ValueWorth County 2000 IA 2000
Valen, Tuedte, Juhl, Lausen, Gardner, Aagard, Woods, DeVary, Johnson, Linge, Behrends, RienhardtEmmet County 1970 IA 1970
Valley at Richmond, Whitewater River, County Infirmary, Doran Bridge, Sylvan Glen, Glen MillerWayne County 1893 IN 1893
Vandemark, Eiler, Hugunin, Staples, Nugent, Gilmore, Carnegie Library, Grand Opera House, Grace M.E. ChurchClay County 1909 IA 1909
W.C. Sadler, A.M. January, Rob't. A. Cochran, Walter E. Neal Residence, David White, J.A. Holton Green HousesMason County 1876 KY 1876
Walker, Martin, Belcher, Ely, Rea, Queen, Standley, Blakeley, OHara, Cary, Hudson, Archibald, BallardCarroll County 1896 Microfilm MO 1896
Wayne County Infirmary, Israel BaughmanWayne County 1873 OH 1873
Wayne Couty Infirmary, Israel BaughmanWayne County and Wooster City 1873 OH 1873
Weichel, Rhodes, Caven, Breuer, cope, Fomary, Harris, anderson, Edwards, WigginsCoffey County 1919 KS 1919
Weidemann, Webes, Suhr, Pleggenkuhle, Crary, Bowers, Niemann, Reinking, Pribe, Conklin, Kilcher, NiewoehnerFayette County 1976 IA 1976
Wellger, Pinnerud, Mireau, Smith, Dairy State Bank, Rice Lake Public Library, Rice Lake Savings & LoanBarron County 1978 WI 1978
Western Female Seminary, OxfordButler County 1875 OH 1875
Westminister College, Kemp, Fulton Public Library, Synodical College, Williamson, Repper, Floral HillCallaway County 1919 MO 1919
Whalen, Mackinson, Dillon, Earing, Bulmer, Perschnick, Butz, Cleary, French, Mortensen, Craven, PritchardLivingston County 1911 IL 1911
Wiederien, Gerken, Ealy, O'Leary, Haubrich, Schultz, Weidner, Haubrich, Reinart, Topp, Gregory, Segar, HalburCarroll County 2002 IA 2002
Wm. Youmans, Christ Church & Parsonage, Walton, Presbyterian Church, Stamford Seminary, S.E. ChurchillDelaware County 1869 NY 1869
Worth County Treasury, Post Office, Library, United Methodist Church, Elk Creek Lutheran, Court House, NorthwoodWorth County 2000 IA 2000
Zimmerman Library, Thomas-Mitchell Hospital, Fern Cliff Cemetery, B.H. Warder Free Library, Wittenberg CollegeClark County 1894 OH 1894