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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
A.N. Armstrong, H. SearlesSeneca County 1874 OH 1874
Aase, Abbe, Ahrens, Ahlborn, Albin, Amoit, Anderson, Anhorn, Armstrong, Arthur, Babczak, BakkenSteele County 1970 MN 1970
Abel, Adolf, Anderson, Armstrong, Bailey, Bates, Berger, Biedenfeld, Bjorklund, Boernsen, Broadie, BrownClay County 1991 IA 1991
Adams, Aikey, Andreassen, Anderson, Anholt, Armstrong, Asmus, Axon, Ball, Bartels, Bass, BastBremer County 1997 IA 1997
Allbaugh, Odem, Allison, Ward, Voss, Campbell, Knight, Armstrong, Lohrenz, Berry Deilman, SageWapello County 1922 IA 1922
Anderson, Gerald Anglum, Antczak, John Antonetti, Durward Armstrong, Walter Aune, AveryBarron County 1978 WI 1978
Anderson, Nelson, Teegardin, Austin, Howe, Crawford, Hanson, Strickland, Anderson, Olsgard, Armstrong, Johnson, TerrettNelson County 1909 ND 1909
Armstrong, Asquith, Axsom, Badtram, Baker, Barclay, Barnhart, Barr, BeaverCedar County 1977 IA 1977
Armstrong, Baker, Bakken, Bendorf, Blume, Boettcher, Broulik, Brussel, Deml, Falske, FarderSteele County 1970 MN 1970
Armstrong, Bosserman, Garmire, Jenkins, Hunt, Nixon, Clinton, East Side Park, Northeast Corner SquareDeWitt County 1915 IL 1915
Armstrong, City Stables, Hinds Hotel, BArrett, Wheeler, BrooksSonoma County 1877 CA 1877
Armstrong, Farmer City High School, Feicke, Clinton Public LibraryDeWitt County 1915 IL 1915
Armstrong, Gade, Schott, Beckmann, Slach, Lamp, Wright, Puls, Hancock, Drager, DaufeldtCedar County 1977 IA 1977
Armstrong, Kloeb, Vinning, Johnson, Karch, Frysinger, Bollenbacher, Fox, Miller, Schunck, Howick, KenneyMercer County 1900 OH 1900
Armstrong, Knapp, Chance, Dotts, Barber, PetersWyandot County 1879 OH 1879
Armstrong, Morris, Krumholz, Bratt, Glanser, Wadsworth, Breiner, Burroughs, Stoller, Goodfield, Gordon, Schertz, VogelWoodford County 1912 IL 1912
Armstrong, Pickett and Co., Addison F. Armstrong Residence, E.A. Armstrong, M.D., G.W. Landon, J.C. PickettHoward County 1877 IN 1877
Armstrong, Tonar, Hunter, Kline, Beem, Anderson, Holbrook, Hull, Martin, Koontz, Miller, BarkerHodgeman County 1907 KS 1907
Buntin and Armstrong Pharmacists, Tuel, Ripley and Deming, Wholesale Dry Goods, Shryer Brothers, Samuel McKeen, Col. Wm. E. McLeanVigo County 1874 IN 1874
Butterfield, Johnson, Koehler, Seabury, Radar, Fee, Howard, Smith, Westerhoff, Bogman, Armstrong, SmithAntelope County 1922 NE 1922
Butts, Perry, Armstrong, Amerson, Nichols, Morehouse, Church, Antrim County Court House, Lichty, StaffordAntrim County 1910 MI 1910
Cannell, Leary, McBride, Buck, Nelson, Soper, Adcock, Patterson, Schoonover, Armstrong, Lord, Willard, YardeWarren County 1912 IL 1912
Clarke, Blakley, Armstrong, Curtis, Johnston, Morritt, Lipton, Miller, Geath, Wiggins, ScarrRock Island County 1905 IL 1905
D.P. Smith, James Ross, David Chase, Mrs. John Thompson, Armstrong CampbellBureau County 1875 IL 1875
D.T. Axton, J.D. Armstrong, B.F. Bridges, Wm. H. Ellis, A. Gentry, J.B. Handy, W. Huff, J.G. Meyer, J. RomineSpencer County 1879 Microfilm IN 1879
David T. Axton, J. D. Armstrong, B. F. Bridges, Wm. H. Ellis, Allen Gentry, John B. Handy, Wilson Huff, James Romine, MeyerSpencer County 1879 IN 1879
Davis, Guernsey, Taylor, Warne, Rumery, Walters, Armstrong, Jensen, Massena, Adams, Denham, Harris, HeerenCass County 1965 IA 1965
Douglass, Armstrong, Moorhead, Seawright, KelleyClinton County 1878 IN 1878
Ed. Houghton, Mound Stock Farm, Thomas Armstrong, James CollinsHarrison County 1884 IA 1884
Elias, Armstrong, CopelandClay County 1881 KS 1881
Emma S. Armstrong, J.E. FultonLicking County 1875 OH 1875
Evans, Raaen, Armstrong, Haugstad Construction Co.Fillmore County 2003 MN 2003
F. E. Greathouse, A. B. Canfield, Ralph C. Stocks, Mary F. Cooper, Armstrong, HazenFinney County 1910 to 1911 KS 1910
Frank Hall, a. M. Johnson, Lieut. Gov. Thos. H. Armstrong, Residence, Bank, D. K. Stacy and Co., Livery StableMinnesota State Atlas 1874 MN 1874
Fry Residence, Armstrong Residence, Dr Parkhursts Drug Store, Funk ResidenceMcLean County 1874 Microfilm IL 1874
Hatch, Moore, Mitchell, Sherman, Spofford, Armstrong, Kuntz, Allen, Skinner, BrooksIowa 1875 State Atlas IA 1875
Henry, Whitwer, Schnabel, Ritter, Mumberson, Armstrong, Dauphin, Uhrenholdt, Sehi, ArmstrongAntelope County 1922 NE 1922
Hight, Johnson, Roe, Jonas, Paulsen, Holbert, Bennett, Nicolls, Rodgers, Younder, Armstrong, Simons, MohrBoyd County 1904 NE 1904
Hillside Farm, Joseph H. Armstrong, Paul Rea, Greene woolen Mills, a.P. and W.A. StevensonGreene County 1876 PA 1876
Hon. Geo. W. Armstrong, H. Jackson, Stock Farm, Residence, Farm Ridge, Brookfield, La Salle CountyLa Salle County 1876 IL 1876
Hon. John S. Armstrong, Stock Farm, Residence, Mission, La Salle CountyLa Salle County 1876 IL 1876
Hurd, Reed, Craft, Rolofson, Vance, Alexander, Armstrong, Dick, Marsh, Beatty, White, Edgewood Stock, StarkeyDeWitt County 1915 IL 1915
J. And E. T. Eads Block, J. W. Carnes, J. W. Sheely and Co's. Wagon Carriage , G. G. Stearns, Richard Armstrong Farm, ResidenceKnox County 1870 IL 1870
J. Grabau, S. Willims, E. Armstrong, J. Sporing, Hergott_s Threshing Crew, E. Armstrong Farm, J. HuberThayer County 1976 NE 1976
John Armstrong, Rev. Samuel PattersonBeaver County 1876 PA 1876
John F. Fry, John Armstrong, Dr. Parkhurst's Drug Store, Geo. W. FunkMcLean County 1874 IL 1874
Jones, Allen, Rederth, Taylor, Sherman, Weston, Weakeman, Armstrong, Bean, Ross, Barse, BAssette, Herrick, DrapeauMoody County 1991 SD 1991
Kassa, Sterner, Mithell, Armstrong, Newton, Button, McGee, Kester, LeachAntelope County 1904 NE 1904
Koch, Winekauf, Maurer, Reilly, Pelzer, Armstrong, Oldham, Holden, Helmold, WilliamsCedar County 1977 IA 1977
L. Armstrong, R. Rachow, D. Dana, E. Wiedel, M. Corliss, E. Schardt children, J. Wiedel, N. Stanosheck, C. KassebaumThayer County 1976 NE 1976
Lee's Creek Christian Church, John W. Matthews, O.D. Armstrong and P.C. Morris ResidencesClinton County 1903 OH 1903
Leonard, Parlet, Armstrong, Van Ausdle, Brockman Residence, Ruark, AshbyGarfield County 1913 WA 1913
Liddle, Colsch, Peters, Mueller, VanRaden, Gritzner, Becker, Marquis, Fritcher, Vossberg, Armstrong, DavidsonBremer County 1997 IA 1997
Mannion, Foster, French, McGrew, Neal, Patton, Ratts, Hoy, Mofley, Boyles, Gamble, Armstrong, Johnston, TurnerButler County 1905 KS 1905
Maurer, Armstrong, Harden, Nebergall, Ford, Chambliss, Hancock, Johnston, Bell, KroegerCedar County 1977 IA 1977
McCabe, Holland, Schultz, McBride, Knife, Mack, Hermanson, Raaen, Fuller, Armstrong, Michlisch, RissmanFillmore County 2003 MN 2003
Moody County Court House, Moody County Commissioners - Armstrong, Blankenfeld, Hemmer, Miles, SchiefelbeinMoody County 1991 SD 1991
Naastad, Armstrong, Bonosek, Marek, Galland, Silage Distributor, Larson, Jadeke, Boucher, Dale, Larson, PiercePolk County 1970 MN 1970
Nelson, Alderman, Doxie, Debutts, Armstrong, Allen, Brown, Loveall, Green, Anderson, Mclain, ReynoldsWexford County 1908 MI 1908
Oscar, Gamble, Anderson, Pike, Holmes, Armstrong, Grove, Kramer, Abrahanson, Holmes, Mystuen, SwansonPine County 1972 MN 1972
Phelps, Wilkinson, Donnelly, Armstrong, Yale, Windom, Davis, Barto, Marshall, Austin, Miller, GormanMinnesota State Atlas 1874 MN 1874
R. Apking, C. Apley, R. Armstrong, L. Avers, F. Babka, I. Backer, T. Baker, G. Baloun, G. Bartels, L. Bartels, D. BartlingThayer County 1976 NE 1976
Residence and Farm of E. Munyan, Centerville, Property of W. W. Armstrong, Brooklyn, Residence and Farm of Jas. F. Kapp, PleasantonAlameda County 1878 CA 1878
Richardson, Roy, Grover, Robbers, Gage, Trask, Frink, Hicks, Taylor, Du Toit, Hill, Wells, Armstrong, Metcalf, DayMinnesota State Atlas 1874 MN 1874
Ringsted Class of 1973, Brownie Troop 296, Girl Scout, 4 H Club, Armstrong High SchoolEmmet County 1970 IA 1970
Rock Island Arsenal, Fort Armstrong, Government BridgeScott County 1905 IA 1905
Rock Island Arsenal, Fort Flagler, Soldiers Barracks, First Rail Road Bridge, Fort Armstrong, Government Bridge, Blacksmith ShipIowa State Atlas 1904 IA 1904
Sodman, Sanders, Vont, Coulter, Starry, Chamberlain, Armstrong, Mathews, Keichel, Leeper, RobertsNemaha County 1913 NE 1913
St. Francis Church, Appleton Furniture Factory, Wagon Works, M.T. Boult, Armstrong, O'Leary BrothersWisconsin State Atlas 1881 WI 1881
Stephens, Armstrong, Olsvig, Hiber, Schultz, Jones, Olson, Anton, Oliver, Fortuna, Gehrmann, Hanson, DarrakBarron County 1966 WI 1966
Swedish Evangelical Lutheran, Lee, McCrory, Nelson, Scott, Tempel Residence, Armstrong ResidenceEmmons County 1916 Microfilm ND 1916
Thomas Lloyd, H. Armstrong, Geauga Savings and Loan, Anson HuntLake and Geauga Counties 1874 OH 1874
Thomas, Armstrong, Morrison, Crozer, Schooley, Waters, Hendrichson, Smith, Irey, Brisbine, Fawcett, Hartley, FritchmanCedar County 1901 IA 1901
Thos. Armstrong, HerefordCedar County 1885 IA 1885
W.W. Deophey, Christian Santschi, David Rabidau, Aaron Armstrong, James K. PerryMonroe County 1876 MI 1876
Werling, Miles, Myron, McCroskey, Ruchotzke, Beuter, Kunde, Christianson, Armstrong, RekemeyerCedar County 1977 IA 1977
Wilmot, Morehouse, Armstrong, Taylor, Adams, Stilwell, Knapp, Hathaway, McNaughton, GrosvenorGeauga County 1900 OH 1900
Wolf, Andres, Anglin, Golden, Faurote, Groves, Armstrong, Nighswander, Sheely, MinearKosciusko County 1914 IN 1914
Worthington, Garside, Schwenke, Schrier, Sothman, Kirchhoff, Armstrong, Birk, Porch, Westphal, Bess, KnipeCass County 1989 IA 1989
Yeck, Vogel, Fandell, Ranney, Smith, Moore, Uphoff, Theena, Karr, Armstrong, Hoffman, Winkler, GiehlWoodford County 1912 IL 1912