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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
1st M.E. Church - Clifton, Snyder Bros., Morris, Millers, Appleton, Shaeber, ChristmasClay County 1881 KS 1881
Blessed Trinity Catholic Church, Dacotah House Adolph Seiter Prop, Appleton View, Henry H BeussmanMinnesota State Atlas 1874 MN 1874
Francis H. Appleton, Jacob C. Rogers, OakhillEssex County 1884 MA 1884
Jones, Schaffer, Appleton, Horstman, Gleason, Schaffer, Klosterman, Scherf, Klosterman, BolsingerClayton County 1983 IA 1983
Lee, Goff, Shafer, Gifford, Jones, Appleton, Quick, RaridenFranklin County 1882 Microfilm IN 1882
Poor Asylum Buildings, Edward Waeghter, Thomas Appleton, Levi. W. Buckingham, Abial ShawFranklin County 1882 IN 1882
St. Francis Church, Appleton Furniture Factory, Wagon Works, M.T. Boult, Armstrong, O'Leary BrothersWisconsin State Atlas 1881 WI 1881
St. Francis Xavier Cathedral, Appleton Paper and Pulp Co's MillWisconsin State Atlas 1881 WI 1881
Thofson, Vorland, Krull, Appleton, Janssen, Harmon, Hanson, Rosch, Janssen, Zipee, DahlbyWorth County 2000 IA 2000