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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
A.J. Applegate Store, T.L. Beckwith Store and ResidenceMadison County 1880 IN 1880
Acuff, Scobee, Hobson, Dawson, Simpson, Curtright, Lyth, Applegate, Bowers, Bassett, Landis, Harris, Davis, HughesMonroe County 1917 MO 1917
Donley, Frahm, Kolb, Hackett, Kresin, Breeden, Winship, Applegate, Greve, Reeds, RollerDouglas County 1914 Microfilm IL 1914
Evan Hadley, Dr. Thomas Evans, John Morgan, Margaret Applegate, Horatio OwenHendricks County 1878 IN 1878
F.M. Applegate, Claus Ivers, and H.O. Rice ResidencesPottawattamie County 1885 IA 1885
Hovel, Bennett, Shebeck, Applegate, Knotek, Pribyl, Hora, Gibson, Horak, Sojka, Shaw, Florang, HinesWashington County 1906 IA 1906
James T. Dyar Residence, Jacob Applegate ResidenceHoward County 1877 IN 1877
Joseph I. Irwin, Paul Reising, John G. Bettermann, Tribbey and Hydron, Andreas Danz, Peters, Applegate, GwinIndiana State Atlas 1876 IN 1876
Louisiana Purchase, Rothert, Sessions, Storms, McLean, Seerley, Cune, Miles, Fitzgerald, Crumbacker, Applegate, VoldengIowa State Atlas 1904 IA 1904
Page 248a - Illustration - Wm. Powell, Mrs. Wm. Powell, David Applegate, Mrs. David ApplegateOakland County 1877 MI 1877
Thomas Evans, John Morgan, Evan Hadley, Margaret Applegate, Horatio OwenHendricks County 1878 Microfilm IN 1878
Zimmerman, Spring Lake, Dirks, Shuff, Lee, Dorrschuck, Campbell, Tonn, Colglazier, Fesler, Applegate, Ricksecker, BurlingReno County 1918 KS 1918