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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Carpentersville, W. L. Pease, Alfred Edwards, J. A. Carpenter, Iron and Bolt CompanyKane County 1872 IL 1872
Clark Backus, Sidney Hill, Alfred Riley, Abel Buck, Isaac C. Snow, Henry and Charles L. HillWilliams County 1874 OH 1874
Daniel Hoover, Henrietta Hoover, Alfred HooverKosciusko County 1879 IN 1879
Ed Sedell, Ernest Koehler, Henry Buske, Alfred Eslinger, Howard Eslinger, Martin Rasmus, Willard WildenbergChippewa County 1969 WI 1969
Edgar Grisworld, Alfred W. Taylor, Elias Meister, Wm. B. Goode ResidenceGreene County 1873 IL 1873
Foss, Mildred Benish, Hjalmer Lind, Bill Schindler, Reubon Halverson, Arthur Wright, Alfred NelsonChippewa County 1969 WI 1969
Henry Fehling, Alfred BrowneMadison County 1873 IL 1873
Hon. Thomas Simpson, Alfred Mowbray, Lyman Cox Residence, Lanesboro Company, View of Water PowerMinnesota State Atlas 1874 MN 1874
Iron Bridge, Alfred Edwards, J. C. Wilder, J. A. Carpenter, Valley Woolen Mills, Atlantic Flouring MillsKane County 1872 IL 1872
Isaac Wright, Wm. Blackhurst, Eli Murray, Robert W. Davis, Alfred Coffman, John B. HerzogMcDonough County 1871 IL 1871
J.C. Wisner, Wm. H. Wisner, Alfred Howell, S.R. Weeks, MonroeOrange County 1875 NY 1875
J.E. Brown, Theodore Lenzen Residence, Geo. H. Briggs, J.E. Rucker, Rea Block, Alfred ChewSanta Clara County 1876 CA 1876
J.K. Bennett Farm Residence, Alfred Lane, Mrs. Eliza Carrick, Daniel Ivins, Browning, Bainbridge, HickorySchuyler County 1872 IL 1872
J.L. Patterson, Alfred CreighWashington County 1876 PA 1876
James C. Cornell, Monroe, Alfred CooperOrange County 1875 NY 1875
James Dean, James Knapp, Alfred S. Lewis, Hiram MarcyChautauqua County 1881 NY 1881
James L. Derby, St. Olaf Church, Paul Howe, Johannes Krohn, alfred Tappan, Thomas Thompson, WilsonDodge County 1905 MN 1905
John Bordal, Alfred Buckneberg, Gerald Carlson, Albert Casstevens, Alfred Buckneberg, Sebastian Walthier, Lslie Whigg, Elmar SandwickClay County 1968 SD 1968
John H Brown, Alfred Wilson, Jacob Stiles, Thomas Doyle, W Doyle, Henry Callantine, John F SwanGrant County 1877 IN 1877
John H. Sleepers, J. M. Randall, Chas. E. Karmire, Alfred Major, A. J. Gorgas, J. R. Clay, Cyrenius Bishop, John ElliotShelby County 1880 IN 1880
John Myers, Anna Myers, Alfred, Alice, Hannah, IsaacCass County 1878 IN 1878
Kainz, McEathron, Arts, Conry, Godfrey, Alfred Severson, Henry Pake, Orville Goltz, Grant Goltz, AlixChippewa County 1969 WI 1969
Lawrence Meagher, Alfred Olsen, Lawrence Schneider, Mahr, Walter Fox, Eli Bernier, Meyer, Peter SimmeChippewa County 1969 WI 1969
Mingo Valley Farm, Alfred Johnson, Pisgah Farm, J.H. PatrickChampaign County 1874 OH 1874
Morsman, Alfred Marvel, Stephen Northup, Bennett, Luther Landon, Clark Rider, Sardinia, Eden, Derby, Brant, ElmaErie County 1880 NY 1880
N.J. Kelsey, Goshen, Alfred B. PostOrange County 1875 NY 1875
O.S. Phelps, Alfred Anthony, Harvey Bacon, W.H. BloomBureau County 1875 IL 1875
Page 159a - Illulstration - Residence of Alfred H. PaddockOakland County 1877 MI 1877
Page 298b - Illustration - Alfred and Mrs. Windiate and ResidenceOakland County 1877 MI 1877
Page 323a - Alfred J. Humphrey, F. M. RogersJefferson County 1878 Illustrated History NY 1878
R. A. Warlow, Alfred B. Bozarth, Milton BozarthMcLean County 1874 IL 1874
Riverside Stock Farm - Alfred Majers, Walnut Farm - Andrew DicksonCrawford County 1873 OH 1873
Shrader, Conley, Childress, Anderson, Honn, Baker, Davis, Boyer, Alfred, Homann, Noll, Van AukenColes County 1913 IL 1913
T. Ray Bohan, Alfred McWilliams, Charles Franken Farm, Theodore WoolseyButler County 1965 IA 1965
W.C. Lemert, Pleasant Home - Alfred C. CattleyCrawford County 1873 OH 1873
Willis Greek, Perry Creek, Oscar Honssinger, Bennett's Spring, Nipper, Stewart, Givens, Bowman, Alfred CarterLaclede County 1912c MO 1912c
Wm. Bushur, Irene and Helen Fry, Albert and Alfred Kamm, Ernest Jolley, J. S. LawrenceDouglas County 1914 IL 1914
Wm. Cushwa, John T. Ankeney, John Welty, John H. Harp, J.Q.A. Kemp, Alfred & Otho ShowmanWashington County 1877 MD 1877