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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Armstrong, Pickett and Co., Addison F. Armstrong Residence, E.A. Armstrong, M.D., G.W. Landon, J.C. PickettHoward County 1877 IN 1877
Baumann, Henke, Brownlee, Roepke, Sargent, Bryant, Addison, Slota, Lindgren, Dreckman, Bohnenkamp, PickCherokee County 1992 IA 1992
Charles E. Munson, Addison PalmerMuskingum County 1875 OH 1875
Cowan, Allen, Henke, Chinn, Nelson, Irwin, Klaschen, Robinson, Addison, Herzberg, Johnson, Herbold, YockeyCherokee County 1992 IA 1992
Haase, Jefrey, Voss, Wright, Bird, Hurley, Mullally, Addison, Breslin, Dahlgren, Parson, Barry, RasmussenDixon and Dakota Counties 1911 NE 1911
Hoppe, Berglund, Freed, Addison, Rawson, Bierman, Corbin, Manker, Campbell, Slota, LindsayCherokee County 1992 IA 1992
James M. Henderson, Addison HendersonTippecanoe County 1878 IN 1878
Page 129 - Addison M. Morrison, J.E. Hall, Martin Schlingerman, George W. Neff, George E. TraubBlue Earth County 1895 MN 1895
Stock Farm Addison Payne and Property Sharon McCulloughSullivan County 1877 MO 1877
Weiant, Higbee, Vermont, Addison, Green Mountain BoyLicking County 1875 OH 1875