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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Berends, Morse, Kappes, Jackley, Umland, Holle, Graves, Winkel, Philiph, Attig, HuntOsceola County 1911 IA 1911
Boekhoff, Schlampp, Geerdes, Bessman, Ackley, WittgreveGrundy County 1965 IA 1965
Brennemann, Kackley, Nichol, Bloom, Pachta, Reynolds, Campbell, Arbuthnot, Berg, MorlanRepublic County 1904 KS 1904
Christian Cackley, Tharisa CacklerPortage County 1874 OH 1874
Enstad, Carson, Scherlie, Schaaf, Hyde, Pearson, Jackley, HodovalHughes County 1916 SD 1916
Franken, Groen, Miller, Bohlen, Groen, Ackley, Squires, Homan, Harken, Kiger, ClausonButler County 1984 IA 1984
Hackley, GrahamMiami County 1877 IN 1877
Hahn, Keller, Yackley, Haumesser, Herrick, Padgham, Wagner, Kerman, Gorham, Leake, ElsenDuPage County 1904 IL 1904
Jepsen, Henningsen, Boell, Reisz, Brown, Macdonald, Vetter, Kuhlmann, Boettger, Yackley, ReetzCrawford County 2001 IA 2001
Little, Hackley, Gillett, Cramer, Thompson, Wattles, Lakes, Chenery, Winslow, Price, Koster, HitchcockKalamazoo County 1910 MI 1910
Mitchell, McMillan, Stapish, Heaton, Thomas, Schellenger, Shetterly, Woodward, Jackley, ForknerMadison County 1901 IN 1901
United Methodist Church, Washington Reformed Church, Church of Christ, Aredale, Shell Rock, Ackley, BristowButler County 1984 IA 1984
Woodruff and Rathbone, F.S. Hackley, Norman Drake, Oakfield, N.Y.Genesee County 1876 NY 1876