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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Burras, Buttrick, Barendsen, Swan, Boom, Mulford, Higbee, Campau, Barnaby, Brooks, Field, HudsonKent County 1907 MI 1907
Cooper, Cordes, Curtis, Czichotzki, Daby, Danielson, Daugherty, Deal, Devine, DibleyWilkin County 1979 MN 1979
Dahlen, Kruckeberg, Aaby, Bayum, Bolstad, Lofthus, TufteDodge County 1969 MN 1969
H.H. Warner and G.T. Brothwell - Res., Timothy Gaby, Geo. Baker Jr.Noble County 1874 IN 1874
Hegel, Schillinger, Kutzer, Marquardt, Daby, Roach, Platt, Richardson, Raguse, Flether, Van HovelWilkin County 1979 MN 1979
Miller, Fair, Jackson, Cline, Raby, YoungHolmes County 1907 OH 1907
Pulskamp, Aby, Moen, Peterson, Hagelie, Cox, Klabo, Hagelie, Moen, Ellingrud, Anderson, Siegert, KnudsvigTraill County 1927 ND 1927
Templin, Daruall, Harmon, Richmond, Malaby, WatersHoward County 1877 IN 1877
Vorderbruggen, Christopherson, Miller, Floersch, Rowe, Erickson, Anderson King, Waby, Tamke, OlsonOtter Tail County 1995 MN 1995