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OML Barcode 14007
Title: Anglia, Vol 5 from Atlas Major, Sive Cosmographia [in eleven volumes]
Description: This atlas of the historical counties of England and Wales by Joan Blaeu is the fifth volume of a larger, eleven volume work referred to as the Dutch map maker's Atlas Major or his Great Atlas.

Titled Anglia, the pages within are an excellent resource for anyone wishing to study the geography and peoples of mid 15th century southern Britain. Scattered amongst the sixty plus county maps are many illustrations of Roman coins, monuments, Celtic ruins, and early views of stone circles such as Stonehenge.

While a comprehensive work in its own right, when considered with the other volumes within the Atlas Major, this series serves as proof that Joan Blaeu was just as ambitious a cartographer as his father - the illustrious map maker Willem Janzoon Blaeu.
Author: Blaeu, Joan
Verified Date: 1662-65
AccessionNumber: N/A
Reference: Atlantes Bl 56m Phillips 3430
Physical Description: N/A
Comments: 22"
Barcode: 14007
Total Associated Images: 605

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