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OML Barcode 12556
Title: Historia delle Genti et della Natura delle Cose Settentrionali
Description: A major work describing the lands which made up Northern Europe in the 16th century. Later English editions of this book were entitled A Compendious History of the Goths, Swedes, Vandals, and other Northern Nations. Written by the Swedish Bishop and map maker Olaus Magnus, this book contains many woodcut views of the Scandinavian people, their religions, folklore, occupations, as well as the geographies, fauna, and fantastical monsters of Scandinavia. At the time of its publication, many of the subjects illustrated within the book (such as the practice of whaling) would have been novel Southern European readers.
Author: Magnus, Olaus
Verified Date: 1565
AccessionNumber: OS-1565-6
Reference: N/A
Physical Description: N/A
Comments: N/A
Barcode: 12556
Total Associated Images: 639

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