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OML Barcode 7335
Description: First printed in 1475 under the Latin title of RUDIMENTUM NOVITIORUM, this 1551 work's French title translates to A Sea of Stories which is a just name considering myriad of information it contains. Within the covers of the book, the history of the world is described via a mixture of Biblical stories, Aesop's Fables, modern histories and family trees. Along with the illustrations used to illuminate the text are a map of the world and a map of the Holy Land. When first published in 1475, these two maps were regarded as the first printed maps of their kind and are now highly regarded.

For comparison, an original of the 1475 edition of Holy Land map reproduced in this 1551 work can be viewed within our loose map collection.
Verified Date: 1551
AccessionNumber: OS-1551-1
Reference: N/A
Physical Description: N/A
Comments: N/A
Barcode: 7335
Total Associated Images: 1155

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