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OML Barcode 1822
Title: Grosser Atlas
Description: This massive, 4" thick work from 1716 is referred to as the Hommann's Grosser Atlas or even The Grand Atlas of the World. Between the covers are highly detailed maps of most known regions of the globe with a considerable number describing the regions and kingdoms of Homman's German homeland. It is worthwhile to pay attention to each map's cartouche, as more often than not, the featured characters are illustrated in the traditional 16th century dress of the country shown on the map. Also of note are the numerous celestial charts describing the motion of heavenly bodies and a very detailed early map of the moon. Accompanying the maps are many illustrations of 16th century mechanical navigational devices, globe design, warfare engineering, and European shipbuilding plans.
Author: Homann, Johann Baptist
Verified Date: 1716
AccessionNumber: N/A
Reference: LeGear 5966, Phillips 586, Alden 716/68
Physical Description: N/A
Comments: 20.5"
Barcode: 1822
Total Associated Images: 684

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