Landowners Index 001 ITEM #US1033477

Landowners Index 001

From Scotland County 1995, Missouri
Published by Farm and Home Publishers, LTD in 1995

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Are you a genealogist researching your ancestors in Missouri?

This map of Landowners Index 001 from Scotland County 1995 contains the following family names (or surnames):

Aaron, Adams, Alan, Alderton, Aldridge, Alexander, Allen, Ammons, Anders, Anderson, Anthony, Armstrong, Arnold, Arps, Aubrey, Austin, Aylward, Baker, Balderston, Barker, Barton, Basil, Beemer, Bennett, Benton, Berry, Bertram, Biggs, Bill, Billie, Billings, Billups, Billy, Blaine, Blakely, Blessing, Bloomfield, Bob, Boden, Boise, Boltz, Bondurant, Bourn, Bowen, Bowie, Boyd, Boyer, Bradley, Brent, Brett, Brewer, Brian, Briggs, Brown, Brubaker, Bruce, Brush, Bull, Bullock, Burkhardt, Burkholder, Burlingame, Burrus, Bush, Byrn, Caldwell, Carl, Carnes, Carter, Chad, Chambers, Chan, Chance, Chancellor, Chandler, Charles, Childers, Childress, Clarence, Clark, Claude, Cline, Clinton, Clow, Cochenour, Cochran, Cole, Comstock, Cone, Cook, Corwin, Cossell, Courtney, Courtright, Cowell, Craig, Creek, Crook, Crowder, Cunningham, Curry, Daggs, Dale, Dalton, Danny, David, Davis, Dean, Delbert, Dennis, Don, Donna, Dorothy, Dow, Duane, Edward, Edwin, Emery, Emmett, Ervin, Everett, Floyd, Fredrick, Fritz, Garland, Gary, Gene, George, Gilbert, Glen, Grain, Greg, Harold, Harry, Henry, Hillis, Hollis, Hubert, Jack, James, Jerry, Jim, Joh, John, Junior, Keith, Kenneth, Kevin, Larry, Lee, Leland, Leo, Leon, Lewis, Lime, Lloyd, Louis, Luke, Marion, Market, Marlene, Martin, Marvin, Mayo, Mike, Miles, Milo, Neil, Okie, Pat, Paul, Philip, Phillip, Ray, Richard, Robert, Roger, Ron, Ronald, Ross, Ryan, Scott, Small, Stanley, Steve, Thomas, Todd, Tom, Vaughn, Wallace, Walter, Wayne, William, Will

These atlases contain separate maps for owners and residents. Use care to select the correct map for each township depending on the information needed.

Map Information

Full Title: Landowners Index 001
Full Atlas Title: Scotland County 1995
State: Missouri
Location 1: Unattributed
Location 2: Unattributed
Publish Date: 1995
Publisher: Farm and Home Publishers, LTD
Number Maps in the Atlas: 27
Map Original Width: 7.67"
Map Original Height: 10.91"
Item Number: US1033477
Collection: Historic Map Works Rare Historic Maps Collection
Image Quality: High quality scan of original that is perfect for printed fine-art quality reproduction.
Source Institution:

Souce Media:

Original Document

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