BWPhotos 168423 ITEM #HB1207830

BWPhotos 168423

From Fort Spokane, Hospital, Lincoln, Lincoln County, WA, Washington
Published by Library of Congress in 1933

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Are you a genealogist researching your ancestors in Washington?

This map of BWPhotos 168423 from Fort Spokane, Hospital, Lincoln, Lincoln County, WA contains the following family names (or surnames):

Aaron, Adkins, Adrian, Agan, Alan, Albert, Alfred, Allan, Allen, Alvin, Ammons, Arie, Arrendell, Arthur, Arvan, Arvin, Bach, Bacus, Bailey, Baker, Becker, Beier, Bell, Ben, Bender, Benny, Bernard, Beukelman, Beyer, Biddle, Bill, Blaine, Blake, Blind, Blom, Bob, Bohrn, Boosalis, Boot, Bosch, Bossard, Bowers, Boyd, Brad, Brent, Brenton, Brett, Brian, Briggs, Brodersen, Broderson, Brooks, Buban, Burkin, Burnes, Calvin, Carl, Carroll, Carter, Cartwright, Caylor, Cecil, Chad, Chambers, Charles, Chuck, Clarence, Clark, Clifford, Clink, Cobb, Coleman, Collins, Cook, Cornelius, Cowman, Cox, Craig, Crawford, Crum, Curt, Dahm, Dahms, Dale, Dan, Danny, Darrell, Darwin, Dave, David, Dawson, Dean, Deaton, Decker, Deeds, Degraaf, Dejoode, Dekoning, Dekruif, Delay, Delong, Demoss, Denne, Dennis, Dennison, Dereus, Deruiter, Devin, Devries, Dewaard, Dick, Dieken, Don, Donald, Dowell, Duane, Eddie, Eekhoff, Elk, Elmer, Elmo, Engelbrecht, Eugene, Evans, Fagg, Fang, Fenton, Foster, Fred, Frederick, Galeazzi, Galen, Garvey, Gary, Gearhart, Gee, Gene, George, Gerald, Gilbert, Given, Glenn, Goering, Green, Greg, Grier, Grimes, Gullion, Guy, Hagen, Hall, Haning, Harding, Harlan, Harold, Haselhuhn, Haug, Haugland, Haverly, Hawkins, Hayes, Henry, Hicks, Higgenbotham, Hinkle, Homer, Horstmann, Howard, Hudson, Irving, Irwin, Jack, James, Jeff, Jeffrey, Jerome, Jerry, Jesse, Jim, Jingst, Joe, Joel, John, Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Justin, Kain, Kane, Keith, Ken, Kenneth, Kerr, Kevin, King, Kingery, Kinney, Kirk, Klein, Knight, Kramer, Kuiper, Lake, Lambert, Lange, Lanser, Larry, Lautenbach, Lavern, Leach, Leete, Legrand, Leo, Leon, Leonard, Leroy, Leslie, Lewis, Liberty, Liles, Linde, Lloyd, Logsdon, Long, Loren, Love, Lyon, Madsen, Malone, Mario, Marion, Mark, Marshall, Martin, Marvin, Mason, Mathew, Matt, Max, Mccombs, Mcconville, Mccuen, Mccurry, Mcdaniel, Mcmillan, Mcroberts, Mecham, Meinders, Melvin, Merlin, Merrill, Merritt, Michael, Mike, Miller, Milo, Monte, Morgan, Morlan, Mortenson, Mulder, Myers, Norman, Northcote, Northway, Norwood, Obrien, Oliver, Olivier, Olson, Owen, Paddock, Paul, Pearson, Peck, Perry, Peter, Phifer, Phillips, Pitt, Pitts, Plants, Pleasant, Pope, Pothoven, Potter, Ralph, Randol, Randy, Ray, Raymond, Red, Redding, Reed, Reeves, Reimer, Rempe, Renaud, Richard, Rick, Rinehart, Ripperger, Robert, Robinson, Roche, Rock, Rodger, Rodney, Roger, Roland, Rollings, Romane, Ron, Ronald, Roorda, Rose, Rothfus, Rouw, Rowland, Roy, Royce, Rudy, Rummans, Russ, Russell, Rust, Santee, Schakel, Schippers, Schnell, Schrader, Schroder, Schuring, Schuster, Schutte, Scott, Seals, Seth, Shaw, Sheridan, Sidney, Simmonds, Simmons, Simpson, Smith, Smouse, Sneller, Souter, Sowers, Sparks, Stan, Stanley, Stephen, Sterling, Steve, Steven, Storm, Stuart, Sullivan, Swank, Swanson, Taylor, Templeton, Terpstra, Terrace, Terry, Thill, Thomas, Tim, Todd, Tom, Tony, Trabert, Trevor, Trude, Tucker, Vancleave, Vanderlinden, Vanderveer, Vandervoort, Vandyk, Vandyke, Vanroekel, Vanweelden, Vanwinkle, Vanwyk, Vanzee, Veenstra, Vermeer, Vernon, Vince, Vos, Vroom, Waddle, Walter, Walters, Wares, Wayne, Weaver, Weldon, West, Weyers, White, Wilborn, Wilfred, Willemsen, William, Williams, Willoughby, Wilson, Woodridge, Yang, Young, Zeller, Zylst

Map Information

Full Title: BWPhotos 168423
Full Atlas Title: Fort Spokane, Hospital, Lincoln, Lincoln County, WA
State: Washington
Location 1: 
Location 2: 
Publish Date: 1933
Publisher: Library of Congress
Number Maps in the Atlas: 48
Map Original Width: 7"
Map Original Height: 5"
Item Number: HB1207830
Collection: Historic Map Works Rare Historic Maps Collection
Image Quality: Informational quality scan which is suitable for research use and lends itself nicely to being reproduced in our research print format.
Source Institution:

Souce Media:

Original Document

This antique map (BWPhotos 168423) and atlas (Fort Spokane, Hospital, Lincoln, Lincoln County, WA) are part of the Historic Map Works, Residential Genealogy™ historical map collection, the largest digital collection of rare, ancient, old, historical, cadastral and antiquarian maps of its type. We currently have over 1,662,956 images available online. You can read about the collection or browse the entire collection.