Boston 1722 Captain John Bonner Survey third state likely produced in 1725 MHS Digital Image 5023

Capt. John Bonner, 1722 Likely 1725
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Full Title: The town of Boston in New England by Capt. John Bonner; Maker: Capt. John Bonner; Publisher: Boston : Printed by Francis Dewing, [1725].; Date: 1722 [i.e. 1725]; Description: The Town of Boston in New England by John Bonner is the first printed map of Boston, Massachusetts. Bonner (circa 1643-1726) was a captain, navigator, and shipwright. A wealth of information about pre-Revolutionary Boston is available through Bonner?s map, including street layouts, churches, and public buildings. The population was estimated to be near 15,000. The map in the collection at the Massachusetts Historical Society is the only known copy of the third state of the 1722 map depicting Boston, likely published in 1725. It is in extremely fragile condition, is missing a few pieces, and has been placed on an archival backing.; MHS Digital Image: 5023

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 Boston 1722 Captain John Bonner Survey third state likely produced in 1725 MHS Digital Image 5023





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 1722 Likely 1725


 Capt. John Bonner

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