Owyhee County 1980 to 1996

Metsker Maps, 1980
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Unlike the majority of the maps within our collection which have a specific publication date, the images within this map group are attributed an uncertain year sometime between 1980 and 1996. Unfortunately, due to the way these were continuously revised by the publisher, determining a specific date for the data on the map is next to impossible.

The images within this map group were scanned from the original tracings and printing mylars used by Metsker Maps to produce the printed maps originally sold in stores. Many of these original tracings and mylars duplicate the same information, however you may find differences between the two images within the group, so it is best to compare the information contained on both images when researching.

Historic Map Works bought Metsker Maps in early 2010 and by doing so, acquired their archive of one of a kind pre-production cartographic materials from the company's 100 year history. Focusing primarily on property atlas and maps in the Pacific Northwest, researchers will find that the maps produced by Metsker Maps are an excellent source for documenting the sweeping changes took place in California, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho during the past century.

For more information about HMW's purchase of Metsker Maps, please see our original annoucement.

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 Owyhee County 1980 to 1996





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