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Knox County 1981

Directory Service Company, 1981
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Maps in this atlas contain names of residents next to the symbols for homes. Some atlases published after 1983 also contain maps with names of property owners. For additional maps with names of the property owners in many counties, consult maps in Title Atlas Company, Rockford Map Publishers or Farm and Home Publishers' atlases.

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These antique maps and atlases are part of the Historic Map Works, Residential Genealogy™ historical map collection, the largest digital collection of rare, ancient, old, historical, cadastral and antiquarian maps of its type.  Read about the collection.  Browse entire collection.
Indicates a map that is georeferenced
Addison T32N-R3W   

Addison T32N-R3W, Knox County 1981

Bohemia T31N-R7W   

Bohemia T31N-R7W, Knox County 1981

Central T30N-R4W   

Central T30N-R4W, Knox County 1981

Cleveland T29N-R4W   

Cleveland T29N-R4W, Knox County 1981

Columbia T20N-R3W   

Columbia T20N-R3W, Knox County 1981

Creighton T29N-R5W   

Creighton T29N-R5W, Knox County 1981

Dolphin T31N-R2W

Dolphin T31N-R2W, Knox County 1981

Dowling T30N-R2W   

Dowling T30N-R2W, Knox County 1981

Eastern T32N-R2W   

Eastern T32N-R2W, Knox County 1981

Frankfort T33N-R2W

Frankfort T33N-R2W, Knox County 1981

Harrison T31N-R4W   

Harrison T31N-R4W, Knox County 1981

Herrick T33N-R3W   

Herrick T33N-R3W, Knox County 1981

Hill T32N-R4W   

Hill T32N-R4W, Knox County 1981

Index and Legend

Index and Legend, Knox County 1981

Index Map

Index Map, Knox County 1981

Jefferson T30N-R7W   

Jefferson T30N-R7W, Knox County 1981

Lincoln T29N-R2W   

Lincoln T29N-R2W, Knox County 1981

Logan T29N-R7W   

Logan T29N-R7W, Knox County 1981

Map Image 003

Map Image 003, Knox County 1981

Map Image 004

Map Image 004, Knox County 1981

Map Image 005

Map Image 005, Knox County 1981

Map Image 011

Map Image 011, Knox County 1981

Map Image 012

Map Image 012, Knox County 1981

Map Image 013

Map Image 013, Knox County 1981

Miller T29N-R6W

Miller T29N-R6W, Knox County 1981

Morton T30N-R3W   

Morton T30N-R3W, Knox County 1981

Niobrara T32N-R6W   

Niobrara T32N-R6W, Knox County 1981

Peoria T31N-R3W   

Peoria T31N-R3W, Knox County 1981

Spade T31N-R5W   

Spade T31N-R5W, Knox County 1981

Sparta T31N-R6W   

Sparta T31N-R6W, Knox County 1981

Title Page

Title Page, Knox County 1981

Union T32N-R5W   

Union T32N-R5W, Knox County 1981

Valley T30N-R5W   

Valley T30N-R5W, Knox County 1981

Verdigre T30N-R6W   

Verdigre T30N-R6W, Knox County 1981

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 Knox County 1981





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 Directory Service Company

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